About us

We are confident in the quality of our joinery and aim to promote our wood work on the international market.We are a family-run business, committed and involved in nuances, however we focus on the continuation of tradition for generations ahead. Therefore, we work together on creating the best possible joinery regardless of the task and its difficulty. Our motto and slogan is “Authenticity”, and that is why we are absolutely certain in the quality of our wood flooring. We put heart in our joinery, that’s we use the highest quality of timber solely from rationally exploited forests. In our business, we use traditional and proven methods, passed down to us from earlier generations, utilising raw materials, in our case wood. Aside from preserving our traditional style, we also take on more modern projects from engineering sources, basing on a modern production line. We pay close attention to precision and detail. The majority of our products are handmade and meticulous. Attention to detail guarantees effortless assembly and long term comfort. Not only does our business create traditional woodwork, but also specially ordered products that require high amounts of responsibility and skill. The crucial part of our mission is a bespoke woodwork service. We can construct custom designs for our clients’ projects utilising various block shapes and colour shades and wood species. Woodcraft is our pleasure.

SUSTAINABILITY – In the view of nature and wood industry

The wood we use to create our products practically comes from certified sources managed by a government organisation.The State Forest conducts sustainable forest management based on PEFC and FSC certifications that focus on sustainability and ethical harvesting of timber. How the forests works Oaks and many other species of trees, in whole, are a component of forests’ biodiversity. Earth is home to many types of forests, ranging from virgin forests, where humans where humans can only be small part of this ecosystem to forests, or rather stands, treated as plantations of very long-growing plants, and it is from those plantations that wood should be obtained and exploited to fuel the carpentry industry. These kinds of forests are managed by many owners. One of them is State Forest, the largest European organisation under governmental jurisdiction which through the activities of foresters ensures that the forest is multifunctional where the environmental values ​​are maintained to the highest standard. The State Forest is active in the woodwork community, ensuring the decrease in forest losses, as well as creating strategies to bring the losses of forest to a halt. The responsibility of the forest management guarantees that the wood obtained is of the highest quality and maturity, i.e. the trees have reached the appropriate felling age,and when those trees are harvested, new trees are planted in their place, to maintain the percentage of forest coverage in the country area.


It is a great pleasure to create and implement such unique woodwork according to customers’ expectations, mainly due to the fact that we can demonstrate our knowledge of wood production methods. The rest of the process, the planning and installation, is a pleasure for both parties to take part in. Clients can physically see their project come to life.

We work with individual clients, but due to our large production capacity, architects and other professionals happily contact us to schedule and discuss potential projects. Nonetheless, individual clients or corporations projects are handled with the same care and dedication, making sure the client side of the project is satisfied with our work.

Why us?

Flexible production capabilities of each detail

We create our joinery from scratch and understand that every detail can be important to you.

Collections of handmade products

Some of our products are reflected in our unique collections, please contact us if you can’t find your dream woodwork in them.

An experienced team of designers and craftsmen

We only entrust wood to experienced joiners to ensure that the result of their work will be pleasing for many years.

Comprehensive service at at each stage of cooperation

Some projects take months to develop and we understand that clear rules for each stage of the process are a convenience for both sides.

Production process

A perfect floor is a combination of the natural beauty of wood with modern technology. 7BRACI has been implementing proprietary woodworking solutions for decades, supported by protection patent certificates.

How to choose a floor?

Solid wood or engineered flooring.

I think that everyone would like to have natural solid wood under their feet, which is a fully organic product. Manufacturers gain significantly by introducing layered products for economic reasons, among others due to short time of wood processing and its consumption. Per square meter of laminate flooring they use between 2-4mm of hardwood compared to 16-22mm of solid wood flooring. The issue of wood stability lies in its proper preparation, i.e. long seasoning process and proper kiln dried For these reasons we have patented solid wood flooring suitable for installation on underfloor heating, which is unattainable in mass production. It is worth adding that in most cases a laminate floor with a wear layer of about 3 mm excludes this product from renovation by sanding, while using a 6 mm layer we ensure the possibility of sanding the floor. W przypadku grubej litej podłogi warstw użytkowa czyli od pozycji pió In case of thick solid floor, the usable layer from tongue and groove position is about 10mm. For enthusiasts of laminated wood we also offer such solutions and in this case we use a construction adjusted to market or project needs.

Wood species, finishing type and pattern.

All three terms mainly refer to the owner's personal preferences or design requirements. However, within the choice of wood species it is worth checking the properties of the wood, e.g. for interiors such as closed kitchens and bathrooms a good solution would be merbau or teak due to its high resistance to high humidity. In the living room and practically every surface oak or ash will look beautiful, while in the bedroom softer species such as maple can be used. The offer of 7 BRACI also includes original species from which we can make various flooring designs, such as chevron parquet, and these include Elm, Cherry, Walnut, Etc When it regards the type of finish, it all comes down to the different varieties of oil or lacquer. Oils usually have a less resistant surface, which can be easily renovated with simple maintenance operations, whereas varnished surfaces are much harder and form a thin film on the top surface of the floor, which will have to be sanded down in case of deeper scratches. The choice of flooring pattern is a very individual matter and it is worth contacting an interior designer who will be able to take the floor layout into account when designing. However, if your project is of a different type we can point out that usually a straight plank layout is cheaper to install compared to French chevron which is more time consuming. You should also consider the width of the boards which should be adapted to the size of the room and here the rule is simple, the size of the board increases with the size of the room. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are open to discussion and will be happy to help you with any technical questions.

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