Boutique Handcrafted Wood Flooring

The idea of implementing handmade products began after a long period of offering the classic style of parquets designed by request by our customers.

In the collection, we mainly focused on the French (chevron), English (herringbone), and the American parquet style (narrow strips).

When it comes to the technicality of the product, we try to make every aspect absolutely perfect and virtually flawless by hand-calibrating every part of the wood in the pre-production stage.

Along with the calibration, the wood goes through a lengthy impregnation process that preserves the wood and a final process of coating the wood with natural waxes in order to conserve the wooden flooring for years to come.

In some instances, the original species we offer are the same ones that can be seen in Royal palaces and manors.

Finalizing our collection is the modern style of parquets, that we offer in the XXL size, for example from English Firwood sized at 180x800mm.

Our company prizes the natural look of the wood, which preserves the elegance and charm that it possesses. We stand out from other companies since we do not distress our wood, however, do everything to emphasize its natural look and design, for example, hand-painting the bevel edges in our parquets and choosing the class of wood to perfectly match the specific design.

The whole collection is offered in a variety of different woods, most of which are measured at 22mm of thickness or placed together in layers to achieve the desired thickness.

Please treat our new collection as a literal invitation to create anything that would make you, as the customer, satisfied and content.


The entire collection is the result of our long-standing collaboration with customers who have sophisticated taste and specific requirements for high-quality flooring. The vast majority of the collection is therefore handmade. From the selection of the wood to the finishing, which is done in several stages. 

Practically each detail can be modified, starting with the dimensions of the parquet, the wood grade and ending with the structure, which can be either solid wood or laminated. 

We offer affordable prices for top quality flooring as we do not have high showroom costs which can be one of the most important aspects at a time of rising prices in the market. The boutique collection has a good value for money, which is why these floors are the most popular with us.

Each of our floors comes with a guarantee. You will find more official information in our product specifications which we send you before payment. in a section :  Warranty Conditions & Quality

Yes, we offer installation; however, such a service is only linked to a large order and these aspects are agreed on an individual basis.

Cleaning and care generally depends on the type of oil or varnish finish. We start by simply vacuuming, the frequency of which depends on how quickly the floor becomes soiled.

More detailed information can be found in the product specification under Maintenance - CONDITIONS FOR THE USE OF PARQUET