The Classic Herringbone Parquet “Cubana Avenue” is an absolutely stunning thermally treated premium hardwood floor. The deep, rich, and elegant color of this parquet is reminiscent of a choice Cuban cigar, filled with different shades of brown. This parquet wood flooring absolutely thrives in homes with a lot of exposed floor space, exposing its powerful ambiance in the entire home. This stunning color was achieved by our passionate and talented team of specialists that do everything by hand and of course, to perfection. Each floorboard is cut and sanded by hand, where it is later put through a thermal treatment to guarantee durability. Finally, where the wood gets its color, is the coating of premium dark waxes and oils. In combination with its durable structure and design, having a 10mm top/use layer, Cubana Avenue is extremely durable due to the natural characteristics of oak wood. With routine maintenance and care, Cubana Avenue wood flooring can easily last generations, grasping the admirer with its elegant aura and feel.

Pattern Herrinbone
Colour Brown
Species European Oak
Construction Solid
Finish Oil & waxed
Wood grade Rustic
Options engineered wood parquet on request
  • 21x100x500
  • 21x120x600
  • 21x150x800
  • 21x180x1000
Prices set individually

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