The Classic Herringbone Parquet “Navy Savour” wood flooring is a kiln dried hardwood floor with a faint unique navy blue shade in its brown colour. The extravagant navy shade provides this parquet with elegance, which makes it easily stand out from the rest. The Navy Savour parquet wood flooring best fits dark interiors, with black or neutral-colored furniture, making the room elegant and sleek. The individual floorboards have been selected, cut, and manufactured all by hand. After the boards leave the kiln dry process they are then coated with premium oils and waxes to give the floorboards their color. The layers of oil and waxes on the 10mm top layer of the wood panels create for a surface that can withstand the everyday traffic, making it a parquet that can last for decades with the need of renovation. Of course, with proper care and treatment, Navy Savour will retain its natural beauty for years to come! If you are interested in the sophisticated beauty of Navy Savour wooden flooring, be sure to call 7Braci today and get an estimate for your next project!

Pattern Herrinbone
Colour Dark
Species European Oak
Construction Solid
Finish Oil & waxed
Wood grade Rustic
Options Chevron or floorboards pattern
  • 21x100x500
  • 21x120x600
  • 21x150x800
  • 21x180x1000
Prices set individually

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