The Classic Herringbone Parquet “Polar Mist” wood flooring is truly a work of art at first glance. Every individual wood floorboard has a different color and grain pattern. Polar Mist almost resembles frozen wood with different shades of white and gray spread all over the wood. In order to achieve such an artistic product, our specialists hand trim every board to the right dimensions and put the wood through several kiln dried processes and apply layers of wax and/or oil to guarantee durability and beauty for years to come. Polar Mist, as the name would imply, fits most rustic styled homes with a missing touch of cold, Scandinavian winters. In combination with a minimalistic, uniform interior, Polar Mist is a match made in heaven. Like all oak parquets, the wood naturally guarantees stability and durability of wood flooring due to its natural qualities. However, because 7Braci uses its special parquet design, the top/use layer is thick and sturdy, which ensures stability like no other parquet on the market. Be sure to give 7Braci a call for more details!

Pattern Herrinbone
Colour Light
Species European Oak
Construction Solid
Finish Oil & waxed
Wood grade Prime
Options Chevron or floorboards pattern,
  • 21x70x350
  • 21x70x500
  • 16x70x300
  • 16x70x420
  • 16x70x500
Prices set individually

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