The Classic Herringbone Parquet  “Sandstone Oak'' wood flooring is characterized by having a slight light tint to the wood, hence the name “Sandstone”. The beautiful hardwood parquet almost resembles a white sandy beach with a faint tint of yellow. The light tint is perfectly countered with the long brown thin streaks of the wood grain. This parquet is a prime example of excellent craftsmanship, from the hand-manufacturing and cutting, to the layering of natural oils and waxes to achieve the look of this wood. Truly a spectacular parquet that goes well with any type of interior, white or black, classic or modern, giving that timeless look we all look after. The 10mm top/use layer ensures a sturdy and durable parquet, that can easily withstand years of traffic and heavy use. With the correct care and maintenance, Sandstone Oak wood flooring can last for generations, giving that beachy, fun, fresh feel to your home. If interested in this parquet, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our 7BRACI representatives to get your estimation today!

Pattern Herrinbone
Colour White
Species European Oak
Construction Solid
Finish Oil & waxed
Wood grade Prime
Options Customized service, chevron
  • 21x100x500mm
  • 21x120x600mm
  • 21x150x800mm
  • 21x180x1000mm
Prices set individually

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