Endgrain and Tiles

The Endgrain flooring style has been a popular flooring style since the 19th century, used mostly for pavement and roads, due to its incredible durability and ability to suppress the noise of traffic. Later, during the 20th century, Endgrain flooring was used in factories, which was a very damage resistant and forgiving surface when heavy metal objects were dropped.

Slowly but surely, Endgrain styled parquets began appearing in private houses and buildings because of its complex beauty (visible knots and splints in the wood) and incredible durability, making it very difficult to damage or dent.

7BRACI offers a wide selection of wood for completing projects. In our selection we can offer woods such as oak, ash, larch, elm, and exotic wood species. After selecting the wood, customers can choose their desired finish/treatment, which include oiling, smoking, hand-scraping (for a more rustic appearance) and micro-beveling.  The size and dimensions of the individual blocks can be custom made to fulfill any order requirements.



These are wood floors with a vertical wood grain pattern. It is also known as cobbled wood

These are the most durable of all wood floors due to their vertical grain.  

They are supplied unfinished and therefore it is possible to achieve any colour after fitting.

The wood is seasoned for a long time and has a special kiln-drying method, which is why the price is slightly higher than that of classic parquet.

Each of our floors comes with a guarantee. You will find more official information in our product specifications which we send you before payment. in a section :  Warranty Conditions & Quality

Yes, we offer installation; however, such a service is only linked to a large order and these aspects are agreed on an individual basis.

Maintenance and care of the floor depends on the type of oil or varnish finish. We start with simple vacuum cleaning, the frequency of that depends on how quickly the floor gets soiled. For the rest of the data, we invite you to read the technical conditions that are included in the IMGW dans la section CONDITIONS D'UTILISATION DU PARQUET qui est livrée avant la transaction.