Endgrain Elm Square Blocks

Endgrain Elm Square Blocks Endgrain Wood Flooring Parquet

Elm cobblewood has all the features of standard pavement including its incredible advantages, which include a hard surface, hardness of the material and longevity. The characteristic of elm makes it an excellent choice for wood pavement/wood cobblestone. The wood has shock resistant properties which results in a very durable product in terms of being exposed in domestic areas. When the wood is steamed it is a very pliable product, however, when dried and the wood takes shape, it has a strong and almost fortified structure due to its intertwined grain structure, making it very hard to split or crack. Like all the other varieties of wood we offer for wood pavement/cobblestone, elm is another fantastic option when it comes to durability and appearance. Different kinds of staining and finishes on wood flooring can bring out the alluring, almost tiger stripe-like wood grain, when combined with an artistic interior, can be a real showstopper. 

As mentioned in the other varieties of wood we offer for wood paving , the history of using wooden paving stretches over several centuries, while the greatest presence can be noticed in the nineteenth century, when patent applications, in numbers of several dozen, were recorded in Great Britain alone. Around the same time period, The Russian Empire and The United States both, almost simultaneously, have begun implementing wooden paving in their infrastructure, due to technological and logistical benefits. The differing methods included different structure, size, shapes, wood types, base layers, that would later be applied to the infrastructure of European countries. Historically speaking, the varieties of wood used for wood pavement have been endless. Elm, like other wood, makes it an excellent contender in comparison to other hardwoods, due to its durable characteristics.

We offer tumbled paving which has a unique character and additionally the wood cubes are joined together with a mesh, which greatly facilitates installation. A characteristic feature of elm wood flooring is its light-warm shade.


Endgrain Elm Square Blocks

Pattern Chevron
Colour Light
Species Elm
Construction Endrain
Finish Unfinished
Wood grade Natural
Options .
Prices set individually

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