I think that everyone would like to have natural solid wood under their feet, which is a fully organic product.  Manufacturers gain significantly by introducing layered products for economic reasons, among others due to short time of wood processing and its consumption. Per square meter of laminate flooring they use between 2-4mm of hardwood 

compared to 16-22mm of solid wood flooring.  

The issue of wood stability lies in its proper preparation, i.e. long seasoning process and proper kiln dried For these reasons we have patented solid wood flooring suitable for installation on underfloor heating, which is unattainable in mass production. 

It is worth adding that in most cases a laminate floor with a wear layer of about 3 mm excludes this product from renovation by sanding, while using a 6 mm layer we ensure the possibility of sanding the floor.  W przypadku grubej litej podłogi warstw użytkowa czyli od pozycji pió In case of thick solid floor, the usable layer from tongue and groove position is about 10mm. 

For enthusiasts of laminated wood we also offer such solutions and in this case we use a construction adjusted to market or project needs.


All three terms mainly refer to the owner's personal preferences or design requirements. 

However, within the choice of wood species it is worth checking the properties of the wood, e.g. for interiors such as closed kitchens and bathrooms a good solution would be merbau or teak due to its high resistance to high humidity. In the living room and practically every surface oak or ash will look beautiful, while in the bedroom softer species such as maple can be used. The offer of 7 BRACI also includes original species from which we can make various flooring designs, such as chevron parquet, and these include Elm, Cherry, Walnut, etc.


3.Which finish is more durable and which is easier to maintain?

When it regards the type of finish, it all comes down to the different varieties of oil or lacquer. Oils usually have a less resistant surface, which can be easily renovated with simple maintenance operations, whereas varnished surfaces are much harder and form a thin film on the top surface of the floor, which will have to be sanded down in case of deeper scratches.


The choice of flooring pattern is a very individual matter and it is worth contacting an interior designer who will be able to take the floor layout into account when designing. However, if your project is of a different type we can point out that usually a straight plank layout is cheaper to install compared to French chevron which is  more time consuming. 

You should also consider the width of the boards which should be adapted to the size of the room and here the rule is simple, the size of the board increases with the size of the room. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are open to discussion and will be happy to help you with any technical questions. 


Select the flooring you are interested in, specify the area and click on the "Request a quote" button. 

If you haven't found the right flooring on our website, please feel free to contact us personally to understand your specific needs and we will be able to select the best solutions. 

The quote you receive is usually valid for a fortnight, during this period you can contact us if you need any further information.


 We also send you all the technical data you need to read before accepting your order. 

Once you have read the offer and technical data, please contact us personally or by email/phone to make payment. We prefer bank transfers, as well as our customers can use card payments through a secure system with SSL certificate.

The day your payment is credited is the day your order is accepted. On the next business day the processing of the order starts, as has been agreed by both sides. The next step is to send you an email confirming receipt of your payment.


After an agreed production time, you will be contacted prior to dispatch to arrange the necessary details such as: day and time of delivery, transport restrictions such as vehicle weight etc. 

The courier or disposer will then make an additional phone call before delivery to shorten the contact. 

Warranty and return conditions are more formal details that we describe in more specific terms in the files provided before payment.


Our experience shows that we are logistically, formally and materially ready to take on orders with delivery abroad. The terms and conditions of each order are agreed individually.


We have flexible production possibilities and have completed projects for other handcrafted carpentry components such as stairs, doors, windows, furniture for all rooms as well as wooden facades. Please visit our blog and social media soon.


Yes, please contact us.


YES, I started building up experience and acquiring knowledge about 30 years ago at a forestry technical college. I also have a master's degree and an engineering degree. After that, I worked in logging and am now involved in the processing of the valuable raw material wood.  Production, on the other hand, is carried out by people with more experience than mine :)  therefore we are able to manufacture high quality carpentry.

No, our wood flooring samples are not tested for this. 

If you need more official or detailed information, please contact us.


These are floors with a solid or engineered structure made wholly or partly from recycled wood, e.g. old floor joists.

The wood is very stable because it went through the production process a long time ago. It is a wooden floor for people who are very conscious of ecological attitudes.

The price varies widely and it is basically a question of how much time will be needed to process the wood e.g. pulling out old nails etc.

Each of our floors comes with a guarantee. You will find more official information in our product specifications which we send you before payment. in a section :  Warranty Conditions & Quality


Yes, we offer installation; however, such a service is only linked to a large order and these aspects are agreed on an individual basis.

Cleaning and care generally depends on the type of oil or varnish finish. We start by simply vacuuming, the frequency of which depends on how quickly the floor becomes soiled.

More detailed information can be found in the product specification under Maintenance - CONDITIONS FOR THE USE OF PARQUET