We welcome professionals from various fields of expertise to work together and cooperate. Due to our flexible methods of cooperation, as well as the production of various woodwork, it allows us to operate and complete large projects and sophisticated orders.

The key aspects in the approach of our production management is the “Just in Time” factor, which allows us to maintain a short delivery cycle and exceptional quality with maximum warehouse optimization. The production, as a whole, is customer-oriented, in line with the principle of “Efficient Consumer Response”. We implement close cooperation with supply chain partners to constantly improve the quality and shorten the deadlines for completing complex orders.

We are oriented to work in various areas of Europe. Please refer to these formalities

If you are a contractor or fitter of wooden floors and are looking for a next day delivery, please check the current list of products from our warehouse.

The whole thing is covered by “Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning”.

This innovative approach allowed us to create a warehouse buffer of semi-finished products, that allows us to complete the most sophisticated woodwork projects, which can be impossible for most traditional production plants. We carry out several projects at the same time, for instance, cladding, built-in furniture, wood flooring and wooden doors. They are all divided into different types of wood and a different production technology to maximize output and efficiency.

The wood for our production is mainly sourced from forests managed by State Forest under government jurisdiction. The majority of it is FSC or PEFC certified.

Quality of handcrafted parquetry

It is also worth mentioning that our main parquet collection, “More Than Wood”, includes various types of tiled parquet flooring, handcrafted by master carpenters with years of experience. In order to maintain the highest quality of parquet floors and meet the tasteful preferences of our clients, we evaluate the quality of work in two stages. The first stage ends after the final product is approved by an expert in the field of parquet flooring, and the last stage is associated with positive feedback from the customer. We do not allow for any mistakes or unsatisfactory results. Client satisfaction is our main priority.

Another innovation, from our behalf, is not having classic showrooms in major European capitals. This allows us to not incur incredibly high rent prices and dedicate more time to individual clients, which results in highly favorable price levels. Contact us to receive a sample or to schedule an appointment.

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