Cobblewood Bare Oak

Cobblewood Bare Oak solid wood flooring

The history of the use of wooden paving spans several centuries, but its greatest presence can be seen in the 19th century, when patent applications, numbering several dozen, were recorded in Great Britain alone. Around the same time, the Russian Empire and the United States began, almost simultaneously, to incorporate wooden paving into their infrastructure, due to the technological and logistical advantages it presented. The different methods included different structures, sizes, shapes, types of wood and base layers, which would later be applied to infrastructure in European countries. In the late 19th century, German, French, British and American engineers filed their own patents, deepening the understanding of the application of pavement form. Courtyards, squares and roads were beautifully paved, creating a standard for future applications throughout history. Over time, vertically laid wooden paving stones were used to avoid the noise of hooves and car wheels. John Finlayson began by using larch wood and discovered that this material was much more durable than stone. In addition to its durability, London police carried out tests on crushed granite, today's predecessor of wooden blocks, in the 19th century. Over a six-month period, it was observed that horses and carriages were less likely to be injured in rain on wooden pavement than on crushed granite.

In London alone, until the 1840s, around 80,000 square meters were paved, while in Paris, 25,000 m2 of oak paving stones were used to cover communication routes, which proves the excellent properties of this extremely hard material, wooden paving stones. In honor and respect of the history and method of development of wood paving stones, we offer end grain wood paving stones for interior, made from properly oak wood prepared. We also offer paving stones in several sizes and variations, where they can be large individual blocks laid separately or smaller blocks assembled in sheets, which are quicker to install.


Cobblewood Bare Oak

Motif Chevron
Couleur Clair
Espèce Chêne européen
Construction Bois de bout
Finition Non fini
Qualité du bois Naturel
Choix .
  • 20x100x100
Prix à partir 191 € TTC le m2

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